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Warrior Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3), no kill, non-profit, volunteer dog rescue committed to serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and suburbs in the state of Minnesota. We are dedicated to rescuing dogs that are left abandoned in shelters, are being surrendered by their owners, or animals that are being abused and neglected. We place dogs in loving, responsible, committed permanent homes, following a thorough adoption process which includes a detailed application, education about responsible ownership, and a completed home visit and reference check. Our dogs will have all age appropriate medical care and vaccines, a microchip, and spay and neuter before adoption unless age is a factor with a puppy younger than 12 months at the time of adoption. Our fosters and volunteer trainers will be encouraged to work on behaviors and dispositions, and building the confidence of the dogs for a smooth transition. Safety education will always be enforced and transferred, being taught to the adoptive home. The fosters are the bones of this rescue and will be very valued.

We see the need for responsible dog rescues across the country and realize the need is not just in our own state. Every single dog deserves to live in a good home… every single one of them. We will do what we can with the resources we have to provide every dog that crosses our path with a chance at the “good dog life”.

We will use Warrior Dog Rescue to educate others about responsible dog ownership in regards to safety, spay/neuter, nutrition, obedience, socializing, abuse, neglect and the horrible world of commercial breeding. We acknowledge that we will have a role in this industry to take the lead on providing awareness to others in the community and across the country.




Corner of Kindness Animal Rescue was launched out of St. Bonifacius MN in May 2014 with a vision of helping animals in need. We're dedicated to helping dogs find permanent homes. At Corner of Kindness we pride ourselves on being fair to applicants and helping the average family find a great match. Our foster families are encouraged to make the adoption process as efficient as possible, which we believe encourages the choice to adopt from a rescue. We also specialize in trap-neuter-return for local feral cats to help manage populations in the area. We are an official MN 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. In 2018 we added a third focus on Public Education and Assistance.

Corner of Kindness is a foster home based rescue, this is very different from a shelter or animal control facility. We do not have a physical location. Corner of Kindness' address is PO BOX 25 St Bonifacius MN 55375. We have physical public assistance and education spaces in Minnetrista MN, Charleston South Carolina, and Milledgeville Georgia.

Corner of Kindness can not legally take in stray animals. Please contact your local animal control regarding stray animals.

We have multiple years of experience in working with local rescues and animal shelters. We're dedicated to finding as many forever homes as possible and saving as many lives as we can. Corner of Kindness is passionate about finding the right forever families for our animals, ensuring a happy future for all of the animals in our care.

Corner of Kindness Animal Rescue is focused on creating a tight-knit foster community where we can help each other out, learn from each others' experiences, and come together and celebrate our successes. We equip our fosters with everything they need - from food, treats, toys, vetting, beds, and blankets, to training opportunities, daycare connections, and so much more. We want our fosters to feel as though they're not just volunteering, but that they've joined a new family.

We welcome you to join our foster and volunteer family, and help us fulfill our mission of saving animals in need.


We love our customers in Waconia near Cologne, Benton, Augusta, Hydes Lake, Waconia, Coney Island, Victoria, Maple & Saint Bonifacius!

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